I like to play tourist from time to time, but I'm a treasure hunter at heart and therefore my sightseeings start at Souks and markets.

Within the ancient, crumbling collection of boutiques, workshops, palaces, houses and mosques, visitors to the Tunis Medina, both locals and tourists, come mainly to shop for jewellery, perfumes, carpets, spices,  fabrics and other luxury goods. There's also loads of everyday things such as clothes, shoes, sweets, dried fruit, kitchenware and tourist souvenirs. 

My favorite thing about visiting Medina is getting completely lost, something which is all part of the pleasure of the ancient city. In places like this, I can endlessly wander, admire surroundings and totally forget about time. 

Thanks to my boundless curiousity I bumped into this art atelier / museum / antique shop / 15th Century Maison called ED-DAR. Monsieur Ali Chammakhi demonstrated us his entire house, revealing the lifestyle of his ancestors. What a lucky man he is to have such a tresure in the very heart of the Tunis Medina.  

Being deeply impressed by the visit to Ed-Dar, I couldn't stop thinking about my home country Chechnya. The smell at Ed-Dar reminded me of my grandmother's storehouse - she was a successful marchant and had houses full of jewellery, fabrics, carpets etc. Smell is something very mysterious and attracting to me - just like music, it can revive memories and take you back in time. All the beauty that has ever existed in my home country is buried in ashes a long time ago, but thank you God for places like Ed-Dar, where every m² is soaked in history.

Enjoy the pictures.
8, Rue Sidi Ben Arous, La Medina, Tunis