Reminiscence of past splendors with overtones of spirituality. There are gold ornaments aged with time, the patinated sumptuousness of sculpted bas-reliefs are presented as an echo to celestial frescoes, the disturbing song of angels, the virtuosity of trompe-l’oeil vaults by Italian sculptor Antonio Raggi, bringing to mind the aesthetic and sensitive shock of Roman architecture… Such are the aesthetics, and then there is the movement, the empathy of a woman in keeping with her time in this couture collection by Zuhair Murad.
The body necessarily exults in short dresses built in the corset spirit, telescoping delicate guipures and baroques applications, the chiffon cascades of an asymmetrical dress, or the brocade suit, slit in the back. Silk threads worked in the crochet technique sketch tattoos embroidered with mini pearls on the skin, troubling the gaze. High point, the sculptural body top is entirely hand-embroidered with sequins, baguettes and pearls using as recurrent leitmotiv the motifs of feathers and shells, enhancing the curbs of the vestals… Of women.