Wedding Dress

Line Up


Bouquets flourish on taffetas, flowers are cut out in silk, their textile tea pink petals are picked as through 3D. Emerald green, ruby red, garnet, ivory, amethyst are all part of a palette that borrows just as from jewelry as it does from vegetal color schemes. 
However these flower-divas can sometimes be venomous, even fatal, with an almost sulfur-like fragrance. 

Next to their gracious twins appear their nocturnal doubles, animated by a more tangible tension. The sheath line is in opposition to the emphatic corollas of the ball gowns and cocktail dresses. 
Entirely embroidered with red pearls, Chantilly lace wraps around the slightest contour of the silhouette, sheathing the body like a fragile tattoo, shimmering with subtly shiny pearls. 

The show was a dream... I loved every single dress (of course, I'm Zuhair's biggest fan) and looking forward to the next fashion week. I still have many pictures to show you, so stay tuned. 
These were the VIP's of the evening at Zuhair Murad's Couture Show: Viahina Giacante, Alexandra Lamy, Omar Harfouche, Sofia Essaidi, Myriam Fares, Mya Frye, ...