Here are the pictures from the first show I saw at Paris Fashion Week. « Velentin Yudashkin Fall Winter 2012-2013 » collection was presented mainly in black.. it's like Valentin Yudashkin reinvented this color by playing with different textures and materials. 
With this collection, we saw what the real Russian winter is about; fur, leather, lace-sheer fabric, sequin ebroidery.. and all that in the middle of Paris.

V. Yudashkin knows how to play with fabrics and make a woman's body beautiful and shaped. 
This makes him the best Russian designer (and also the only one in the official calendar of Paris Fashion Week).

I spotted a lot of Russian celebs sitting front row, too bad not all of you will recognize them. 
I also have a great « Backstage Before the Show » post coming up, so stay tuned.