Basil Soda


Take a look at the pictures from Basil Soda's Haute Couture Spring / Summer 2012. This collection's been about beauty and romance and Basil Soda also managed to add some elegant lines and geometric shapes to this beautiful collection, which allure the shapes of a woman.
The symmetry, shapes, curves, and lines all come together to a climax and highlight a woman's inner soul. It's been very hard to choose the pictures for this post.  

Due to the fact that I was sitting front row (thank you M.), I came home with 1700 amaaazing pictures from this show. It was hard because they all were good. Ohh, and a fanny fact: my whole family's been involved with the process of picking out the pictures from Basil Soda's show (every single picture was followed with sighs, oohs and aahs).

But I'm happy with the result... you're able to see the smallest details and with Basil Soda's designs it is all about the details. Stay tuned, because tomorrow I will be posting the most beautiful wedding dress I've ever seen in real life and some backstage pictures from Basil Soda's fashion show.