Cocktails in the Mirror Room with: 

Coco Rocha

Alexander Wang

Emma Roberts

The Beautiful Coco

Tommy Ton from Jak & Jill

Jessica Alba

Chace Crawford

Emma Roberts, Zachary Quinto, Chace Crawford and Jessica Alba

Margareta Van Den Bosch (Creative Advisor H&M)

Blake Lively

Nicki Minaj

Hilary Alexander (Fashion Journalist)

The Show

Anais Pouliot

I want this Bag-pack!

Lindsey Wickson

Natasha Poly

Daphne Groeneveld wearing the leather coat

After Party

The most beautiful and fashionable girl of the night

Pat McGrath (International Makeup Artist)

The Gossip Girl 

Nina Garcia, Editor-in-Chief Marie Claire US

Nicki Minaj

Donatella Versace with Sophia Coppola


Such a funny guy!


It's been an amaaaaaaaaaazing show. Best I've ever seen. I mean, come on, Prince was performing with his beautiful and talented ladies! Can you go classier than that?  

A lot of celebs were dressed in "Versace for H&M" and the clothes looked outstanding. We were able to shop after the after party and I bought couple of pieces, which I will show you later. But almost all my favorite items were already soled out. The waiting line seemed to long for me and I sneaked in to the pop-up store right after Miroslava Duma (sorry Mira) between the security guys (read: three Afro-American, strong and very scary bodybuilders). Yes, being petite rocks.
It's been extremely hard to take pictures during the fashion show, but the images turned out to be good anyways. I've been warned, that the camera's were sooo not allowed, but I thought "Heeey, what's the worst thing that can happen to me if I do? They will throw my camera on the ground and will jump on my baby 'till it disappears.. or they can send me back to my super-funky hotel." 

Russians have that saying: Those who don't risk will not drink champagne. I'm not that into champagne, but this proverb helped me a lot through my life. Yes, I'll do anything (well almost) for you, my lovely readers. 
Keep reading, because tomorrow you'll have the chance to win an exclusive "Versace for H&M" dress, here on Vogue Moment. The dress is something between those two which Natasha Poly and Lindsey Wickson are wearing (see pics).  
Thank you, my lovely followers. Thank you H&M and thank you Donatella Versace for making me part of this great and unforgettable journey. 

Donatella is a true icon, not only because of the clothes, but because of her charisma. I've never heard her speaking without mentioning her brother Gianni Versace. My voice becomes weak when I think about what she has done for this company in honor of her brother. It's way too beautiful.