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The City That Literally Never Sleeps

This one is for the BN-crew (Marianne, Staf, Delphine, Anke, Tiany & Pema): Rooftop Partaaaaaaaaay

Time Square

Chrysler Building

Staf (VTM), Delphine (Le Vif Weekend) and Marianne (H&M Belgium)


Day one, two and three in New York City were the shortest days of my life. So many things happened and so many things were going to happen, that the second night of my 3-days press trip, I haven't slept at all. 
Day one: We settled at probably the most beautiful hotel in NYC, unpacked our bags and found some pretty gifts from H&M and Versace. The Dream Downtown Hotel, was such a nice place, that I almost forgot where I was. Yes, I'm the worst tourist EVAH!

I stayed there until the evening recovering from the jetlag, skyping with my mom and dad and reading some magazines. Told you I'm the worst tourist ; ) 

In the evening we - the Belgian Press and H&M PR Representative - had dinner in a very cosy restaurant "The Waverly Inn". As we walked out some of us even saw Alexa Chung dining there!
Our driver dropped my colleagues at the hotel and took me to the Empire State Building, so I could see the entire city...
Terek is the most amazing driver I've ever met. As we talked about 9/11, philosophy, Egypt (his native country), Chechniya (my native country), Arab music, New Jersey, fashion and models he met; he showed me every corner of NYC, from Broadway to Ground Zero, from Wall Street to the Fifth Avenue! 

The next day I shopped, did my nails, went to the hairdresser and prepared for the BIG "Versace for H&M Show".
Ohh.. It's been amazing. Thank you H&M and Versace for these great experiences!