Valentin Yudashkin's daughter, wife and Miroslava Duma (I was sitting right behind them)

Anais Pouliot

Left: Emanuelle Alt (Vogue FR)

Eniko Mihalik

Snejana Onopka

The beautiful Snejana. I couldn't take my eyes of her.


Miroslava Duma

A model

Posing - so shy

Valentin Yudashkin with friends


Like I was sitting behind Valentin Yudashkin's beautiful daughter Gala and her boyfriend, something made me run to the photographer's corner, 5 seconds before the show. When I finally managed to find a spot between all those rude and tall photographers, someone just started to yell at me: "Hey you, you're in my way, blah blah blah...".

Omg, at that moment, I was almost crying, because there was no way back and my dream was ruined - there was not one single picture that turned out to be good so far. Until.. a very nice photographer saw that I was in a desperate search of a chair or something.. he couldn't resist my sad face and he just gave me his place. How cool and sweet was that?

My pics are not only good, but - one might say - they are the best (from what I saw on other websites and blogs). 
I guess it's true - you always have to follow your inner voice. A-L-W-A-Y-S.  
The show was so beautiful, that in two seconds I forgot the whole drama and was blown away by all the pretty dresses, glitters and voiles. Everything that Mr.Yudashkin designs is PERFECTION. If you look closely at each dress, you'll discover the true radiance.